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Click on the category name below to see the posts by that category. Last viewed: 092317View All FrostedZombos Edible Fruit TreesIve never heard of this site, but Ive seen the picture of the fruit, and it is absolutely disgusting, and theres nothing sweet or delicious about it. Youre lucky it isnt a banana as it would definitely be a no-no. Ive seen banana peels, but they werent much better than what you showed. Youre lucky that one was only a tiny bit, not rotten. You want someWell, I can only imagine how bad this taste is. I would definitely not want to eat anything like it. Im not sure where you get these from, but I would definitely try to avoid eating any from the tree thats in your front yard. I probably wouldnt try to feed it to someone that I didnt know, but I would definitely look and see if it was still in the fruit. It probably just looks green to me, because as I said, Ive only seen banana peels. You should look for morePerhaps I should look for more images of it. Im going to get back to work, now, you need to be out of my way. Ill try to get you some more soon. You do not eat from the treeI will not eat from your tree. If you are going to eat from there, you should go to my house. I was getting tired as the wind was blowing and my cat was hungry. You walk away from her and say No to her, then walk over to the tree. There is nothing in the way of fruit in this fruit, and I will be very hard on you if you eat from there. A woman that isnt even a famous star can do what you did. Surely she must have something of value to offer, like a book or something. Just then, you look up and see a small, green thing in a basket right behind the tree. You pick it up and walk over to get some.

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