One of the British theatres most famous faces, Daniel Craig, who waited …

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This book just made me think about everything that has happened and most importantly, I thought about my teenage years, specifically the time I was with my cousin, whose name is also Daniel. Im pretty sure I was around the age of Daniel. After all Im still in my high school years, but it doesnt look like Ill be able to experience Daniel in the same way anymore, although maybe Ive changed just a bit. I have a lot of questions now because for the first time my head was actually thinking about my life before, and now Im just trying to make sense of everything. You read more details about Daniel, including that he had several jobs and he was a lot like you. He had a big brother, a sister, a boyfriend and even a girlfriend. I cant believe Im saying this, but I might not make it to the concert. I dont think Ill be able to do it, so I might just have to stay home and watch it on TV. Do you wanna go to the concert and watch it with me. Well youll admit, youve never been that much of a concert goer, but you have seen a handful of movies and TV specials that you liked, so you were considering going. If you get lost, just tell me and Ill help you. Wait a moment, I need you to turn off the lights in the bathroom right now. You walk out into the hall, where you have to turn off your lights. When you return to your room, the door is open and Daniel is standing there. I got something nice to show you, Daniel says, as he holds up a small box with a small TV on top. You ask, not really sure what it is, other than the fact that it seems to be hooked up to a small TV. You say, you remember seeing a movie with a similar screen earlier in the day. You walk into the living room, where your mom and dad are sitting at the table with plates of food and drinking tea.

This article about Celebrities born in 1968

celebrities born in 1968