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The citys top prosecutor said Friday he will not pursue a criminal investigation into a June incident in which the driver of a car rammed a police cruiser at a high rate of speed, but will instead consider whether his officers violated policy. Eddie Johnson announced his decision after the citys Independent Police Review Authority released an investigative report showing that the officer, who was not named, violated department policy and the law. I made the decision to dismiss the case because the evidence gathered by IPRA did not support such a conclusion, Johnson said in a statement. He said the decision was unanimous among his officers and the citys top lawyers. The officer, identified in the report as Thomas Flottant, was not charged in connection with the incident. He drove through a red light and rammed into a squad car, which then had to be towed and the officer reprimanded, the report said. Other people called to a restaurant to report a disturbance were later found to not have witnessed the crash. The citys Independent Police Review Authority reviewed the incident for the first time Friday and found that the officer violated internal departmental policy when he drove through the red light. The officer was motivated to flee and did not comply with orders to stop, IPRA said in the report. But despite being clearly intoxicated, Flottant told investigators at the police station that he felt that he was in fear and that another officer would have been hurt if he continued to drive, the report said, adding that officers can be arrested for driving under the influence. Johnson has taken heat over the issue, which is being watched closely by activists who believe too many black people are being shot and killed by police. In July, the United States Justice Department and FBI launched a wide-ranging investigation into policing practices in Chicago in hopes of stemming a spike in shootings and violence. The Independent Police Review Authority is an independent agency within the city that handles complaints of police misconduct. I just wish they had cast the best actors out there to play it. And they never bothered to explain all of the plot points that would have made it more interesting. It just seemed to go off on some vague tangent that never really made any sense, although I know that a great movie has to have a beginning, middle and end, and this just had no purpose. I suppose you could call it a found footage movie, but it sure as hell wasnt found footage. I really want to like This is the kind of movie that is often seen by a wide audience, or cannabis-ed audiences, and then.

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