On Octo, Christopher Brannan, a former Virginia teacher, became the fifth man …

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The police in your country of origin found some of them guilty of computer crimes, while they were still at the trial, it appears that a judge in the United States has found Christopher Brannan guilty of hacking into the iChat server of the iChat company and using the data obtained there for the purpose of obtaining names, social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth and other private and confidential information. This is a shocking development that makes one wonder about the extent to which the law responds to the intrusion or hacking of a government system, wrote Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. If true, this would be a significant escalation for the hackers of our own government, said Brian Krebs. A hack on the federal records system by a nation-state entity such as the Chinese is a very serious matter, said the National Weather Service in an announcement. Although we are not able to say if the information was posted on the Internet, that is a strong possibility. I feel very angry, we have a right to know something about this and I do believe the American people should be informed, said one of the many people I have talked to who did not want to be identified. The names and addresses have been changed to protect their confidentiality, Many are wondering about the possibility of war with China, a country which has been blamed for many of the computer system breaches which have been attributed to their computer systems hackers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a member of the Department of Homeland Security so this type of hacker activity by a foreign nation-state is a serious matter for the government. For the average Americans concerned about their privacy being invaded, this news could pose a bit of a dilemma. I dont know how big a problem it is when it comes to the state hackers, but I know that Homeland Security is concerned about it and is doing their best to prevent it, said John the Intern. At this point it does not seem like the information was posted anywhere, it was merely stolen from the iChat system. Some are saying that the hacker might be connected to Anonymous. I dont know, but given their other activity, I know they are not going to just pass this off, thats why there is some suspicion at this point, said John the Intern. On November 20th there will be a hearing for Christopher Brannan, the man convicted of hacking into the federal governments iChat server in 2014. At this hearing his lawyer will attempt to gain a new indictment on multiple charges. If he fails to do so, he could face a death sentence.

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