On August 23, we officially enter Virgo season, lasting …

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A man of high character who can:;: take responsibility for all his actions. : A man who is often unnecessary and a recreational lifer. Youre not even half as famous or popular as some of those other people on this list. Do you really believe that youll find some high-class slut thatll sleep with me just because Im trying to find something better to do with my life. And youre just suggesting that I do something Im not going to like just because you dont like being around me. Now just because Im not Virgo doesnt mean you wont still try to woo me. Maybe youll even manage to seduce me, but just know that what youre about to try, will fail in the end. You wont be able to make me happy just because you hate your life and your lot in life. And if all that werent enough, Im also not a virgin. The idea of you forcing me to be with you is just fucking horrible to me. And no, I dont care if you claim that the entire time we were seeing each other.

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