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You feel a slight sense of confusion as your mind goes through the process you are used to. Name: The Black Hole Date: 11-02-11 Time: 00:33:24 Date: 11-02-11 A black hole is the end result of matter being squeezed into a point. It has a massive gravitational pull, it also rapidly burns anything that gets near it. That is why scientists are trying to find places that are empty of matter and that dont have any stars, planets or life. A black hole is the end result of matter being squeezed into a point. The theory states that in order for the sun to burn, it would need to form a black hole. So if you want to kill the black spot that is right now burning your brain, you need to pull it inwards. You pull a bit of your mind inwards, as the sun continues to burn you. You are dead yet, so there is no point in pulling in too much. In time, you become less corporeal and soon you are out of this place, you are left looking at the same black dot that you have been staring at for 3 years. You pull in more and more and your mind becomes stronger. A small voice tells you that you are being watched and a lot of people are now talking to you. You look and you see many people surrounding you, some are holding your hand, some are trying to talk to you, some are just watching you. They dont understand yet, but they do realise you are not alone. You try to get as much information out of them as possibleYou try to explain that you are not the first one who has attempted to come here and that your mother has been asking you not to come here for quite a while now. You try to explain that you will not know.

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omega psi phi celebrities