Olivia Rodrigo thought Biden gave her a shoehorn, it was an ice cream scoop

Olivia Rodrigo has become a massive success. I don’t know that much about her but I love Good 4 U and sing it at the top of my lungs in the car. I also know that she is wildly popular with the younger generation and has a huge social media following. That’s not too uncommon for a Disney kid who migrated into a singing career. She also took a stance in favor of Covid vaccinations, which is commendable. The Biden Administration saw an opportunity to reach out to the young people by inviting Olivia to the White House and having her speak to the press corp about the vaccine. That’s a pretty big deal for someone’s who’s just 18 years old. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Olivia spoke about the goody bag she received from Pres. Biden that included a pair of aviators (of course) some M&M’s and a “shoehorn” with his signature on it. It confused many of us as to why the President was passing out metal shoehorns. Turns out, it confused the President as well since he’d actually included an ice-cream scoop. Now Olivia is throwing her mom under the bus saying she’s the one who told her it was a shoehorn. Okay, that’s sounds more like an 18-year-old. Olivia posted a few snaps to her Instagram account with the caption:

thank u for having me @jimmykimmellive !!! also thank u to my mom who told me this president biden ice cream scoop was a shoe horn and let me repeat it on national television lolllll

[From Instagram via Huffington Post]

Taking a very quick walk-through Olivia’s IG, this is the first time she’s posted a photo of the ice cream scoop/shoehorn. So it kind of makes you wonder who corrected her. Did the White House place a call this AM to correct Olivia as she was slipping on her platform Doc Martens with her signed Biden scoop? It sounds like this is a standard Biden goody bag, so maybe another Biden Bag recipient dropped her a DM to let her know. I’m surprised that an 18-year-old would assume it for a shoehorn rather than an ice cream scoop, I’d assume teens would know more about scoops. It’s ice cream, for Pete’s sake. And I hate to Jealous Jill over here but it’s a great scoop too! I’d love to have that and Olivia’s was shoving it in her shoes? Of course, she has some really cute shoes so no foul there, I guess. The more I write this story up, the more I love it. Because it’s funny that our president gives out a beautiful quality ice cream scoop with his signature and the presidential seal on it, but it’s even funnier that Olivia was trying to figure out how to use it as a shoehorn. She’s probably thought she’d better use it, too, because it’s signed and sealed. How much do you want to bet Olivia hires a look alike Biden with a shoe horn for her next video?

I need to take one moment to talk about the Biden Bag, though. The whole thing is designed for ice cream, isn’t it? The scoop to serve it, the M&Ms to top it and the shades to look cool while eating it.

Photo credit: Instagram and Avalon Red

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