Offset Defends Lizzo, Says Haters Need To Stop Judging

Offset is joining his wife in defense of Lizzo … he says the haters and online trolls need to back off and let her be great.

We got Offset in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and our photog asked if he’s got a message for the folks coming after Lizzo on social media.

Offset says anyone who has a problem with Lizzo needs to stop judging her and giving off negative energy … telling us it’s time to just let women like Lizzo live.

The way Offset sees it … celebs like him, Cardi B and Lizzo are just working hard to be entertainers for folks across the world, and people need to let them be.

As we first told you … Facebook’s deleting hateful comments directed at Lizzo from its social media platforms and removing troll accounts, after Lizzo broke down over all the hate and negativity coming her way and Cardi rushed to her side.

Offset’s got some words for Facebook too … and for the Trae Young doubters.

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