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For the rest of you, there really isnt much I can do except for a couple of things that I can do to you to minimize damage from the varicose veins. First off, you shouldnt be taking any medications, including those that cure varicose veins, that contain the drug tetracycline. Tetracycline is another drug thats commonly used to treat rosacea, but youre going to experience complications from it, namely severe pain. To avoid this complication, avoid taking these types of medications such as those containing tetracycline. The next thing you can do is avoid drinking alcohol or taking prescription drugs, or over-the-counter medications for the condition such as those containing ephedrine. Taking these types of medications can result in a condition similar to the one I diagnosed for you, namely liver failure and sudden death. Although, because of your condition, you wont die instantly, but a slow and painful death. The final thing that you can do is avoid getting into any sort of activity that involves the blood flow of the body. Just those four suggestions, so take them, and youll be well on your way to recovery. If you do follow the recommendations above, your recovery time will be faster and your appearance will be better than what you have now. You should get this thing out of your system as fast as possibleYou should probably just stay in and try to live your life, youve got every right to be upset anyway, and you should probably just forget about this thing. You go back to your room, and think about what you just had to deal with. After a few minutes, you start to have a panic attack. You start to shake you head and feel nauseous, you get a headache, and the whole spectrum of emotions you could experience with these thoughts all start to get amplified. Then you remember what Morrison and your other companions went through. You suddenly feel sad, angry and other emotions. Youve only been a victim of a crime, and youve been a victim of more than that. You could be a victim of this crime a lot more times in the near future. You feel like you might go into a full-blown psychotic episode. You try to stop going into a state of psychosisYou grab the gun, and slowly pull the trigger. You fire at least four times, but you only hit the guy once.

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