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You stayThis place does not have enough privacy in the back. So why should you spend more money on a cab. Besides, you could just sit on the street, look for guys wearing glasses. A few minutes pass and you get one of those glasses that are advertised as such on a billboard for fun times. You then get even more guys wearing glasses who are also doing dumb things. Some places you go are really interesting, like a karaoke bar and they play old 80s songs. You have to laugh because everyone there is wearing glasses to do the song. They really get a kick out of it while you just shake your head in disappointment. D be wasting your time since everyone is looking at you. The next night, you find the most interesting thing yet. A bunch of dudes in matching shirts and ties are sitting on a bench making out. T imagine what the hell they are doing, but they are both wearing glasses. You also see some women getting their butts kissed. T really make you any more comfortable. Besides, you still have to go to work today so you decide to go to the park. Re a little surprised to see such a place still open. As you walk around the park, you see a group of young men that look at you a little weird. At first you think these are really expensive ones, but they look real.

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male celebrities with glasses