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You sign up to become a fanYou sign up, and become a fan. You also become a very good one. Because of your devotion to your fandom, you find love. The love of your life is a pretty blonde fan named Sarah who lives about an hour away from you in another nearby city. Your relationship ends when you realise that she is planning to leave you for another guy. She says she has to travel to visit her boyfriend, who lives in another part of the country, in order to finish their relationship off properly. She tells you that she wont be going back, but that you can go back home. She tells you that youve got nothing to worry about. When she comes home, shell be the best thing youll ever have. It doesnt take too long before the news that your relationship was over spreads to other people in fandom, and you realise that youve made a big mistake. You dont even have much money anymore. You become one of those fans you were talking aboutIts not going to be easy, because youll still get the same people asking you for your autograph, but youll find it more enjoyable to talk to them while youre wearing your fanhood than while youre wearing your fandom-hood. You take off your fandomhood and start interacting with people. You dont think much about it, you just get on with your life, but you enjoy interacting with others a lot, and it gets easier over time. Eventually, your life starts becoming normal again. You dont have to look for fans anymore, and your relationship with Sarah turns out to be fine. Your fandom becomes mainstream again, and eventually everyone youre interacting with is a regular fan as well. The world doesnt end; you just stop doing anything really big, but youve managed it. Eventually, theres a whole nother fandom out there. You see how the same shit goes on, and you can relate. You like people, and you like what they like. Your relationship with Sarah remains good, but youve been keeping your relationship with other celebrities a secret from her. You never say anything though, because you know if you go straight to her, shell hate you. You start living your lifeYouve got a lot of fans after all. Youve grown accustomed to interacting with other fans in a fan-like manner, and youve always stayed in contact with other celebrities. You live your life to the best of your ability, and you dont dwell on that which youve lost.

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