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You can even imagine that this is a common occurrence. Fat isnt the only word to include women, obese isnt the only word to include men, or perhaps women fat, obese, too fat, and too skinny are all quite common, and in most cases, extremely problematic. He hasnt quite moved his chair this far away from yours, but hes shifted his body slightly away from yours as he looks over at your food. You dont think hes even paying attention to your words, but what little he does pay attention to, he doesnt say a word about. The only thing he seems to be thinking about, and quite possibly saying, is the weight-loss products that hes holding in his hands. It occurs to you that youre the only person Nick really talks to, and that its only with you that he seems to feel comfort or happiness on a regular basis. He never talks to other people, and when he does, you never hear the positive or encouraging things. So you find yourself actually wondering for the first time if this is a mutual delusion, and if it isnt, then what is it. You talk About Your EmotionsYou know its stupid to do. You cant go through with it when you really have any reason to believe its a stupid thought. He stirs, and you dont know if hes aware that youre in the middle of it. If you dont want me to do this anymore, if its that important for you to go through with our relationship, then please, just let me do it without putting one more ounce of energy into it. You think youve put a lot on the line, but somehow, youre not sure youve gained anything from all this, except for a little guilt. Not that youll be thinking that about yourself now, but youll be thinking it about him again later. You say aloud, and for the briefest of moments, it seems like hes caught something off guard, but then he continues to hold the food in his hands with the same inscrutable expression on his face. He sounds almost hesitant, as if something isnt quite right. Something that he never really shows to you on the outside, but he definitely has on the inside.

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