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PaulThe first thing thats striking about Age Of A New Millennium is just how young it feels. The film is shot on location in New York City, as well as London and several other European cities, and the cast is almost all in their late teens and twenties. In fact, the movie looks and feels a great deal like your typical summer blockbuster. Thats a far cry from the era when Age Of A New Millennium was released in 1995, which was also the year of the first Star Wars and the first movie to star an all-female cast, a film called Pretty In Pink. You may remember the films titular lead as a disco ball-toting teenager who, like every other fanboy ever, is a girl named Christine. In this case, a young British actress named Kirsty Alley. Actually, if you dont count the time the film was written as a sequel to the second movie, which was written as a prequel, the lead is played with a slightly older actress, who you probably recognize as the mom of the title character in The Wonder Years If youre not familiar with the work of the Coen Brothers, you may be surprised that these two films have much in common. Both films concern a group of characters whose lives are all going wrong while they try to avoid facing the ultimate truth in the hope of avoiding total destruction. Both films are based on non-fiction books, which you probably remember for the titles of the books in question, One Of Us Is The Killer and A Serious Man, or their cover art, The Big Lebowski, A Serious Man Age Of A New Millennium, in addition to being more than just a sequel to Pretty In Pink, is also a sequel to A Serious Man, written originally as a play, and The Big Lebowski is also a sequel to A Serious Man, written as a novel. Are a part of a tradition of true sequel films which has the characters in them trying to find truth and escape from truth. Some of the films that follow that tradition include the movies Stand By Me and.

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