No, the decades biggest celebrities were no stranger to an eventful night …

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When you were walking back, you saw a few teenagers staring at you. You dont know themThe fact remains that they never gave a shit who you were. Youre guessing they probably only saw a car full of teenagers and decided to get a closer look. You know they were probably not strangers to this party, but maybe you could be friends with everyone. You say hi and get to your carNo. As soon as you made eye contact with one of them, they gave you one of those faces to say hi and tell you to stay away. They probably didnt even know who you were, probably a random person looking for a ride home. You try to go the the next closest one, but it doesnt work out that well. You ended up bumping into a drunk girl and you ended up falling asleep. You dont have time to be an asshole to every random person aroundThe next day, you get a text from one of your friends. Hey man, I just realized it was me texting you yesterday about an accident at the party so I apologize for being so rude. I mean you guys know that Im not a stranger. Anyway I think its about time I got in contact with you and I was wondering if you might be interested in a date. Im in a new city right now but will try to do it soon if possible. Im in a bar downtown so might not be at the party all that long. If thats not an option, can you at least drop me off at my house. It should be about an hour drive and its only about a mile I think. Just let me know or call if you have a problem with that. You say bye to one of your friends and get back in your carNo thanks at all. You drive back to your friends house. Youre lucky that he was willing to let you use his car and let you sleep off your drunken ass the next day. Youll be lucky if it was a pleasant memory of your life. The drive to your friends house is not very fun. There isnt really any other options to go around and your friends arent exactly the friendliest people so you just end up stopping at one house after another. While you go to use the restroom, the owner of the house asks you if youre okay, and you say you are. You also say that you have to go and ask if she could give you a ride home. You find her parked near a gas station and give her your address and ask her if she could.

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70s celebrities