No matter what glossy magazine spreads might say, stars …

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You dont change your faceYou didnt change your face, you dont change your life, you dont change your looks. You want to change it, and the brace industry is one of the places to get it done. You dont believe in the brace industry, thats the first thing you say. If these people are so good, they already have the money and everything is fine with them. You dont think theyre going to do something to help you out, youll never recover when its all over. So you try to tell them that youre looking for a job after this. They say you dont need a job to recover, youll get a small pay out of their brace business. You see the business, how much they make and how much they have to give you. You understand what these brace men are, theyre a small-time operation that runs the whole operation. Theyll never be able to compete with the larger facilities and you wont be able to compete with them. Your eyes move from each of them and you start to look at all the brace men on the top of the rack, you notice the redhead. She looks happy and the way shes smiling from ear to ear tells you what youre looking for. Maybe youre already the loser that doesnt know who he is. Maybe you feel like youre not good enough. Maybe youre always alone and always sad. Maybe when you get out of this, youre going to be able to go back to being a teenager, enjoying a hot summers day and getting drunk. A girl will be there with you, and she will love you, and you will feel happy. A boy will be there too, he will love you, he will treat you best and he will have everything you want. And youll be young, you will be free of everything and everybody and there will be nothing you want more. A new boy and a new girl, a new life, a new you. You know youll never be normal, but maybe youll become yourself.

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celebrities with braces