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As for the hair, well its something Ive experimented with, personally I personally find it to look best if its a little longer on me. I just feel like my hair looks better when its in a ponytail. Do you feel like youve got a lot to learn. Laughs, I mean theres a lot of makeup stuff to learn, a lot of different types of make up to buy, laughs I mean as I said Ill be experimenting with different things. For example, I might find that one thing works better for me then the next. Its not going to be just one type of make up. Do you find that things are going to go really well for you or are you going to be getting burnt out. And now you cant help but be a little excited. Are you surprised by what you ended up becoming. How did you meet and what were your initial impressions. Well the day the show was to go on air I got word that my mother had passed away from a heart attack. In fact the day that I got the news it was the first day I had to get up and go to work the following day, I was just so down, I couldnt even get myself ready, I was too upset. I think my first impression of Alexis was not an amazing one. So what did you think of her when you saw her on the show. Well I think her look and her attitude were exactly what I expected but more than that, I just thought that she looked like the kind of girl who would be perfect for my mother. She had a certain look that she liked, she had a certain attitude and I think she was hoping that I would fit that image of a girl who looked like her. So once you got to know each other on the show and the rest of the competition, what made you decide to continue seeing each other. Well I think I had known Alexis for a long time before we even started filming the show. That first time we met she looked at me, looked at my.

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