Nicola Coughlan Chats About Filming "Polin" Sex Scenes in 'Bridgerton' Season 3

Bridgerton is gearing up for its third season, which we now *officially* know centers on the thus-far-unrequited love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton (aka Polin). Penelope’s spent the past two seasons pining for Colin while he’s obliviously put her in the friend zone, but it looks like romance will bloom next season. Which, given that this is Bridgerton, means sex scenes.

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After Nicola Coughlan revealed Pen and Colin were the focus of Bridgerton’s third season, she was asked by E! News if she’s ready to film steamy sex scenes, and joked “I’m gonna have to be!” She added that it’s “terrifying” being the lead next season, but that she’s “known for a really long time.”

Nicola also chatted about her nerves filming sex scenes back in March, telling Digital Spy “I think I’m genuinely and I’m not kidding—going to ask Shondaland for a special family friendly cut. Because I just think it’s embarrassing enough watching the scenes that I am not in there like that. I’m just sort of like haha, so I think I’m going to put a special request in my contract to be like, can we just get one that’s the PG version, like maybe a little kiss and then we’re good, because I’ve read the book. So I know that it gets extremely racy in that scene. I know already stuff that’s gonna happen. So I’m like, no, we’re good. We’re fine. It’s intense.”

She then noted that there *is* a sex scene in particular from the book that she’s a fan of: “There’s a scene in the carriage. And it’s just if they’re sort of arguing, and then it all gets very romantic, shall we say, but I think it will be such a good scene in the show. It terrifies me to think of filming but I think it would be really great.”

Yes pls!

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