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This is a partial list of famous Nicaraguans and their descendants. It does not include anyone who has been a famous and influential leader or anyone who is a national treasure, a living person who deserves to be honored, a famous musician or anyone else for that matter. In some cases, the name does not really mean anything. For example, there is a very famous singer who is not on this list and may not even be a Nicaraguan. For some reason, the government of Nicaragua does not consider that singer a major celebrity. This is a list of famous persons who happen to be Nicaraguans or at least the descendants of Nicaraguans. Some of the people on this list would not be famous if other countries did not consider them national treasures. The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court The NicaraguansThe Nicaraguans have been the people who have lived in one single nation for the longest and have had a strong belief in the importance of national unity and a strong belief in the importance of the land itself. The Nicaraguans have been pioneers in many ways including agriculture, medicine, art, literature and religion. The Nicaraguans have a strong religious faith and practice they call Nicaraguan Christianity. Many influential people in this country have been from a Nicaraguan background. There have been many prominent Nicaraguans who have ruled this country as President, Prime Minister, Judge, Attorney General, etc. In some instances there may have been even two Nicaraguan Presidents. The Nicaraguans have also contributed greatly to the United States. The Nicaraguans came here in the 1600s and they have since contributed greatly to the history of this nation. The Nicaraguans have been the inventors of the United States Postal Service, United States Currency, and the United States Navy. Other Nicaraguans have contributed to the military, the arts and sciences, and even to literature. In some instances a person may not have been a Nicaraguan but nevertheless been on this list. The Nicaraguans have been the largest indigenous group in this nation and some of them have contributed greatly to its cultural life.

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