NFL's Spencer Brown Says Woman Launched Emergency Slide On His Flight, Escaped

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Spencer Brown had a wild experience at the airport Tuesday … saying a pissed-off passenger unhatched his plane’s emergency inflatable slide and escaped on it before take-off!

The 24-year-old football player described the chaos in a series of tweets … explaining a woman was so angry about something on the plane at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, she deployed an emergency slide to get off.

“Sitting on a plane,” Brown said, describing the scene. “A lady is pissed. Lady pulls the emergency inflatable slide to escape the plane. Lady is running wild through the tarmac currently.”

Brown shared a photo of the mayhem from his window seat — showing the slide sticking out from the side of the plane.

Someone in Brown’s comments was also at the airport at the time of the incident and shared their own pic of the plane — showing the slide and law enforcement on scene.

“Cops have arrived,” Brown continued in his description of the scene. “Flight ruined.”

American Airlines confirmed the incident to TMZ Sports … telling us the flight was taken out of service after the “disruptive customer opened the main boarding door, which deployed the emergency slide, and exited the aircraft onto the ramp.”

AA officials added, “The individual was quickly apprehended by local law enforcement and has been placed on American’s internal refuse list pending further investigation.”

The flight, according to officials, was scheduled to take off for Chicago O’Hare International Airport. They said the passengers onboard were placed on alternate flights.

Despite the travel mishap, Brown — a 3rd-round in the 2021 NFL Draft — had a sense of humor about it … saying, “Memories made. Noice ??”

Fly safe, everyone!

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