New York City is renowned for its Italian cuisine, …

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You sign upYouve had enough of waiting around for the weather to be right. As the sun rises, you realize youve made the right call and the first thing you do is go to the corner store to get you a slice of pizza. When you return home, youre surprised to find your roomate waiting for you. Your roomate doesnt look like a celebrity. Hes about your age, wears slacks and a collared shirt, and isnt very well-dressed. You never would have guessed that hed be here. I guess I came over when I heard you were here. Its just that my sister said you were the person that was renting the apartment in the building I grew up in. I assumed that youd be here since Ive been hearing about it and I was really looking forward to getting back into the city. Heather, the girl whose apartment you just rented, I mean. I had no idea you lived here. I didnt even know there was one in the suburbs. Im surprised youre here, because you dont look like the type to be into the city. My sister lived there, you know. No, I think we could get this apartment. You point out your roomates apartment. Well, OK, but Id really rather not live in the city. Besides, you said you didnt have an apartment in the city. I guess Ill be living out of your car, OK. Well Im just going to go get you some clothes. OK, Ill be back later, he says, quickly heading out the door in a huff.

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celebrities in new york today