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You can search and see, what new york cities, are like. When we bloggers, like this we reinvent the way people look at New York City. New York, is a beautifulnew york-, New York, New York You can, see more, of our top new york city, blogs, blogging. New York, New York Here are some of the hottest celebrity apartment listings in Manhattan1. The Dakota, East VillageThe Dakota is an Upper West Side townhouse located on the 3rd floor of a building that houses many of the citys most stylish retailers, including Lululemon Athletica, Vogue, and Bloomingdales. The Dakotas lobby features two open-air terraces, a large dining space, private balconies, and a fireplace. The Dakotas rooftop terrace includes an indoor pool and fire pit. The Dakotas elevator can accommodate up to 7 people; the building has a gym. The Dakota also features a business office space on the 3rd level, along with a large open-plan office. The Guggenheim, which opened in 2014, offers a gym, a movie theater, a fitness center, and a pool as well as a restaurant and a rooftop terrace. The Metropolitan Hotel, Midtown WestThe Metropolitan Hotel is located in the heart of Midtown West, but it does not feel like the heart of Midtown. The Metropolitan Hotel is a unique hotel in that you have to climb an elevator to access its rooftop terraces. The hotel also has a full-service spa, an international food court, and a theaterclub.

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