New York City has long been recognized as a town filled …

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The East Village, as far as New York City. As far as New York City is concerned, this is about as high as it can go. There are more skyscrapers than there are people. A girl stands outside the door of her home. Her hair is a fiery red and she wears a black dress. The girl looks down at her arms and her hands. Her eyes look up at the sky and then back down at her feet. You can do it, Jazmine, says the girls grandmother. Im waiting for the water to stop pouring down. Im waiting for the people to leave me the fuck alone. Alright then, Im leaving, says the girl, opening the door and walking through it. She sees a man standing on the other side of the door. Hes bald and has a thin beard growing across his face. Hes wearing white shoes and white pants. But, I have to tell you, things are going to be looking up soon. You can probably figure out what I mean from these words. I have to admit, I didnt think my life was going to be much more than an afterthought in the eyes of my children. Now Im not going to live a life of misery, Im going to change that.

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celebrities who live in nyc 2017