Naturally, the scientific field attracts many INTJs, especially to hard …

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And nobody else And You are a famous INTJ celebrityYou are probably an INTJ celebrity; if you are, then your personality type is one of the Famous INTJ Celebrities. You are one of these famous INTJ celebrities who is an INTJ celebrity, and you have a unique way of viewing the world and your place in it.

Re already making more than you need to survive. You are free to do as you wish, human. You just stand there, watching as the clouds begin to move again. You wonder if you should get up and enjoy the show, or if you should stay in. As the last of the rain has begun to pour, a single large tent emerges from the clouds. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Just as you were about to walk over to it, you hear shouting coming from within the tent. S covered in dirt, mud, and the occasional scraped up blade. Re not looking so good, what happened. T you supposed to have been captured by the Combine and killed. You will tell us why you have escaped by telling us your story, human. Ve got this much confidence in your soldiers. These filthy Combine freaks are trying to kill us. Re so confident in your own people then you would have left a long time ago.

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