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The rest of the article is pretty much just a rundown of how these celebrities maintain these beautiful locks. S a little difficult to believe, but I know most of us can accept that someone like Riverdales Actress KJ Apa bleaches his hair regularly, despite him having a very light hair color. D like to help her out anyway. D like to, but my hair is really itchy right now. S not much else I can do, so you just go ahead and get it off. S coming over, I guess you can go ahead and take your time. T really like the idea of your body parts touching mine, is that okay. Well you can keep your hands to yourself if you want, but I suggest you just get over it and be more comfortable. Okay, that was much more comfortable than I expected. If you feel like your legs are burning or your arms are getting numb, you really need to sit down and rest. M just taking a quick bathroom break. And besides, I thought I was being a good girl and not touching when I went back to get a fresh hair rinse.

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