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You dont goYou decide to not go with them and you stay at home. The next day you call your friend who tells you that the group were a bunch of people that was hanging around a small village nearby and some of them were probably drugging people. He doesnt give you much more information, you just know that they had nothing to do with your friend. You call the policeAfter a couple of days pass and everything seems to go back to normal, you decide to call the police but since you dont want to involve the police, you decide to just report the incident. You call the police station in Nwabudike Which is actually closer to your town, and tell them to send some people to the village to find out whats going on. The police station is near the town and theres no reason why they cant send someone here and there, just to see if theres anyone in the village or thereve just been reports of some druggies and bandits around. You wait a few more days before one of the police is sent to the area of Nwabudike and says that they wont arrive here for several days. He also says theres nothing for him to do but to send someone else. A few days pass without any police coming. You go back home and you begin to think about what to do next, youd be a fool to go back to that village where most of the townspeople are complaining about the police. You might as well just stay home and never come out. The police station in Nwabudike is in the same town so its only a couple of miles away. You go back home and tell the police to come hereYou decide to go back home to inform the police about the alleged druggies and bandits in the village. You return home and say hello to the police officers that you know. When they ask you where youre from, you tell them youre from the city of Entebbe Which isnt far from Nwabudike, It takes a few hours to get back from Nwabudike, so you decide to spend the night at home. A few days pass while you wait for the police to come back. You find yourself worrying about how youll go back to your wife and son and how you still have to give them money in order to earn as much money as possible in order to pay them off In order to make the mortgage payment for their house, you need to send money home, youre worried about how theyre going to do something wrong to you and getting them angry. Youre in such a bad mood and your mind is full of all the problems you could possibly be facing that youre having to worry about now, that you dont realize that youre driving a.

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