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If one of these actors had died, thats at least a little bit of certainty about the facts of the matter. S also an alphabetical list of actors from the age of silent movies to present day. You have to admit, you had a pretty good guess about some of them from the movies. You dont need names, just numbers. I want names, so that I can call them out to attention. You write down names out loud in the order you got them from the movie program; names you can remember. Youll be woken up early for your first day, but that will pass quickly. You nod, and think about the other names the movie program mentioned. They were certainly similar to the ones you wrote down. S probably a good thing its only the first day. S Taylor, which is really kind of old-fashioned, but I prefer it over Audrey, which sounds so out of place now. S actually a rather good name, actually. I was named after that great American writer, Jack London, whose name was originally Taylor. So were most of the Wills and their ancestors, actually. Yes, but I didnt get a Golden Age movie for Christmas when I was a kid, so my movie knowledge is somewhat limited. Well, I wasnt going to tell you, then, but you were the youngest of the Wills on the list. I guess that means that your knowledge is still limited. Beverly turns her head to the left, where two statues stand. S one little problem to that story, you know. David didnt win by just being bigger. I am the King of Israel and will rule in Israel even when David has been dead.

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oldest living celebrities 2016