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The Comedians in the Backlot, Chris Diamon, How long have you guys known each other and how do you all meet. Whats your best story about meeting them. I went out to dinner with the other three guys and they were sort of quiet and I was drunk and talking to them, so when I looked back over my shoulder I saw a couple of the women come out and the guys were just acting like nothing was wrong. So I thought hey, Ill just go over and talk to them. What do you guys do all day and what were you doing when this all happened. Im playing instruments, playing in this band called the LipsWho are some of your other band mates. Joe, Chris, David Ivey and Nick Tosches, drumsWhere do you live in Boulder. Not Boulder, we live in the back lot of a comedy club in Denver, CO. How many people work for you guys now. We have four full time guys and one part time guy. Im doing the music and the other four guys are in the office making the shows run smoothly so that we can keep going with the shows. How would you describe yourself and your band to a casual listener. We play some fun pop songs about girls and the week. What is the highest youve ever gotten out of a show. 1,000 show, which is unheard of we hope itll be the first show ever to raise over a million dollars. How long have you guys known each other and how do you all meet. Well, I was in college and I used to go to their show in Chicago with my friend John and that was the first time I met Chris Diamon. I should mention he wasnt even in the band at the time, So Id known him since I was in school. My best stories about everyone are probably going to be the stories about me and John. The first time we see John Paul, hes walking down a dark alley, with a small group of friends, smoking a cigarette. Hes wearing a red baseball cap and blue jeans. When he spots a woman with long, dark hair and dark eyes, he stops. He looks her up and down, his eyes darting from the top of her head to.

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