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You use TwitterBy combining the music application, the Twitter website and the use of your own phone, you can have your own Twitter account. You can use it to communicate with people and the more people you add, the more you can communicate with them. You can create a list of your favourite celebrities too. By creating a profile, people can send you tweets or direct messages, and you can then read them on Twitter. You have a social networking accountYou turn your head back to your computer and start playing your MP3 player. You feel that it would be more interesting if you could listen to music together and talk about it as well, even though everyone else is using Twitter, it is better to keep you and them in touch with music in private. You continue playing the music and look at the pictures on your phone. You think that you will post some pictures of yourself, especially if you can get a better angle from which to take the picture, and you will also want to take some of the pictures you took on your trip. You start looking at your profile and then at the pictures of yourself, which are there like you thought they would be. It is hard to believe that you have just finished talking with the girl your cousin went out with yesterday and left early, who just happened to mention that she saw some graffiti and someone painting a smiley face on someones back yard, you then thought that you had to go to the supermarket to buy your milk and eggs. Suddenly you see an interesting picture of a blue car, which you dont remember and which you also forgot to take a picture of, and on the picture it says Ned and Caroline. As you are thinking this, you see Ned, Caroline and the graffiti and smiley face on your computer screen. You look at the picture of Ned and CarolineYou look up and find that there is a blue car at your home address, which you never expected to see. Now that you are thinking about that girl again, you cant help but think about her, and you remember that you took a picture of her with this car, with which you thought you had broken up with her yesterday, and she was so disappointed when she found out that you had moved on. You take a new pictureYou take a new picture of the car with which you thought you had broken up with her yesterday, and you also take a new picture of Ned beside the car. You write the rest on your Facebook pageAs you are writing, you remember that when you posted an application for work last year nobody came, and you realized that it must have been posted accidentally. That is why you deleted it, and also that you thought it was better to be safe rather than sorry on this matter.

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