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Outsiders usually think there are only four races. A young child raised among other multiracial children in the suburbs of the country will be a multiracial child. Not because of them, but because of what it could mean if it was true. You had grown up in England with a single mother. That meant that by default there was only one race. There wasnt much you could do about it, unless you were willing to go on a long journey to a new country and start a new life. However, it didnt exactly follow that if you were already in a different country, where you only lived for a few months, there was no way your old world mother could tell you anything. It was a separate world, and if one of your parents were born someplace else, then that meant they had an entirely new world to start with, no matter how similar it may appear. The possibilities were almost unimaginable, but then again the possibilities of what you were about to discover were equally as unimaginable. It just took a bit of research and a lot of thinking to come to the conclusion that what you were about to discover was the only possible thing that was in your power to do, in your current situation. You only hoped that your mother would approve. The only thing that you could find in your research was some sort of reference to the multiracial theory in an Encyclopedia Britannica that someone had left behind in your apartment. It wasnt any of their stuff, but it might be of use. Even if it wasnt, you still wanted to look it up to see if what you were doing was at all possible, if it was at all important. As you were browsing in the book, you found that it only had one entry on the subject, The Multiracial Question, in its entire section on the subject, and it really was just one of the countless questions that were posed to try to get you to think that way. The entry itself was just a list of a collection of questions and answers. It seemed like it was just meant to get you riled up and interested. In fact, it seemed like it was just meant to show how easy it was to be multiracial and how many choices there were for you to make yourself. The other entries were also like this – they really just did a disservice to the subjects involved. All you ended up learning about yourself was that you might be mixed with other races. You still didnt know what that meant, but you didnt find out for quite some time, since that was sort of the point.

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