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The Movie:Black Pearl is a pirate movie about the life of black pirate John Coltrane. Coltranes first encounter with black men is when he sees a black man, by the name of Thomas Morgan, being hauled into a New York court by two white men for being a petty criminal. Morgan is the first black man Coltrane meets, hes also the only black man hes ever seen whos actually a good guy. Morgan tells him that he had a good life and that Morgan was lucky to survive despite the fact that he was robbed of his cargo on three occassions. The men who kidnapped Morgan arent so lucky. His crew was shot by the crew of another ship; the ship with the cargo of stolen goods. Morgan himself never makes it back to New York. Coltrane is a singer performing with his band when Coltrane is attacked and shot by an unknown assailant. The bandmates come up with the song Black Pearl. The film takes place during the first half of the 19th century and follows the life of Coltrane, a musician who meets several black men and is forced to adopt their life style. Coltrane eventually becomes a successful musician and a man of great accomplishment. The story of Black Pearl is also about the struggles of the American people to overcome racist attitudes of the time. This movie is an interesting mix of music, singing and acting. Its a story that you dont often get to watch in movies where one is the main character and the other is a mere side character. This film is interesting for its combination of music, singing and acting. Hes a highly skilled musician and well versed in all forms of music. Hes also a man that values the value of life and cares about his young wife who is dying of a rare disease. The story of Black Pearl is also about the struggle of African Americans to gain full equality. Coltrane is a musician and singer who is an important figure in the music world. The music of Black Pearl is the music of Coltrane and Morgan. The story of Black Pearl is also about John Brown, the man that led a rebellion in an attempt to free African Americans from slavery. Black Pearl is the American historical figure that is most often associated with the famous I have a dream speech.

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