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He smiles a little bit at this remark, which makes your mind wander to a dark place. M a fantasy, would it kill you to stop. The truth is, my life would be much easier if you stopped thinking of me as a fantasy. You stand up and brush herself off. S just say, your imagination could give you a run for your money.

Ve already made quite the impact on the other kids in the class. Re all starting to talk to you as well. Are you going to teach me how to draw comic books or some such thing. Re not only very bright, but also a very good artist. Maybe you should make a comic book for the class. You say not really wanting to say no to your teacher. You spend a lot of time with your teacher, which allows her to get to know you a bit better as well. Ve finished, you give it to your teacher. I think we should make copies for all of the other children in the class. You are also a bit of a celebrity in a small town. You and all of your friends all see this picture book that everyone raves about. Ve even managed to do it all by yourself. You groggily wake up and feel a headache coming on. Ve slept in the same room as it on a couple occasions. You sit up, groggily getting dressed. You grab your clothing and make your way to the front door. Re going on some sort of weird stalker mission.

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most popular male celebrities