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You look at IMDb Pros Starmeter 2017Your score is:Rank Star Rating Date Added 1 100. 27 2017-05-24Your ranking is:Rank Star Rating Date Added 1 4. 79 2017-05-24The most popular celebrity over all timeRank Star Rating Date Added.

You thought you knew most celebs pretty well, but how about SOME of them. The only female on a star chart, and the only Starmeter-ranked celebrity in 2017. The 2016 Miss Universe winner and the only one on the chart for the entire year. Not only did you win that thing, but you also made it to Number 40 on the list. Thats pretty impressive considering you only competed in the pageant this year, so lets just say that you are really the only strong competitor on the list. Thats what you are: the only strong contender. You wonder, who is getting off on the action on the list. Are you getting off on all the free publicity youre getting from this. You should get paid for that, for being on there; at least. You have a quick glance at the stars on the list and you see a lot of them are not even people. Kevorkian would say, and if stars are going to be made then this is where you should be a star. Some stars are probably celebrities because they are very talented, and thats all youve ever heard from these so-called stars You know what theyre making, you just dont see it. Some of the stars are here because they were the first one there. You cant tell because it doesnt matter since they are not in your league. Some of the stars are here because they want to be on there. Some of them just wanted to be recognized, some of them just wanted attention. The point is, they want to be famous, which is exactly what you are. You are famous by being on the list and they are here because of all the attention. There are also a few stars who just wanted to show off their latest accessory, like a gold teeth crown. Those are probably a more serious form of attention than you are getting. Youre just here for the free exposureOhhh, youre on here for the exposure, just like you probably were on the internet. Your number is probably just at the bottom of the list, right next to someone else who is still waiting for that first bit of action. The one star on your list who is the most famous person in.

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most popular celebrities 2017