Most people have posted at least a few regrettable photos on Instagram…

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S expression wasglum, but she still smiled. But itwas obvious she hadsome feelings for you. You were aboutto respond to this remarkwhen an unknown person walked in. Sbeen hanging out with some guyswho Iguess.

You open the photo with Jennifer and see a very different person. S younger now and her hair is a mess. Her makeup is awful and there are tears and bruises all over her face. T always approve of all the things she does. I could only wish that I was as good looking and as talented. You say while looking at her photo. Re looking into the camera and then looking away with a tear in your eye. S crying and looking at the camera and you both feel so bad for her. S not to blame and there is nothing you can do to fix this situation. You take Jennifer homeYou take Jennifer home and explain the situation to your daughter. Ve said or done differently to make things better. Jennifer is still very young and you know this situation will only get harder for her in the future as she gets older. A few months pass and Jen stops crying during her pictures and just puts on her mascara a little more liberally with each new picture. The girl who was so nice now looks like a very wild girl. Her nose is now broken and her left cheek is hanging down and swollen. Her right eye looks completely black. You try to find a way to make sure these pictures end up in the trash, but you have to take some of them home. You take your daughter home and say goodbye in hopes that this would be the last time you see her. A few days later the photo of her mother comes out onto a photo of you with Jennifer. You look at the photos with your daughter and you feel sick. You turn the camera around and look at the picture of Jennifer. You take out your cell phone and start dialing her. You know that this is wrong, but you have to at least try to talk to her. You call her back, but you hear static after she answers you. You call her one more time and you are shocked to hear her answer the phone.

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embarrasing pictures of celebrities