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As youve watched yourself, youre also watching-yourself. Youre wondering, do you really want to. Would YOU change your mind if you could. A few years ago, I was asked to make a speech in front of the General Synod of the Church of England. Id never given one before, even for a debate. I spent months crafting the speech, using a range of sources, some of which were confidential. By the time I was ready to deliver it, I had read everything there is to know about the Synod. When I was delivering it, I was surprised to discover that I felt no pressure to win. There was real affection in the room, a true and genuine joy. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I went home and wrote an even more enthusiastic version of the same speech, which I gave in a public forum in front of a further 200 people. I have never been able to fully explain this to myself. Why should I feel any reluctance to speak to a group of worshipful Christians if I feel I should be saying what they want to hear. Why should I feel pressure to give an ideological speech in which I am telling them what they should be doing in their congregational affairs. I mean, wouldnt it be better to speak to an open, receptive audience of enthusiastic people. I never had any desire to be a propheteur in the traditional sense. I have always thought that it is a strange distinction, and not even one I feel comfortable using. What is that term that is commonly used to describe people who speak to crowds and speak in a way which is intended to shape the message, but not actually deliver the message. I like the idea of it, though, so thats what Ill call me. Im not going to be giving a speech to the General Synod of the Church of England. Im also not sure I have the skills and the right expertise to really be doing a speech for the congregation; I think my level of education is still to an extent out of date. I do think I would do a good job of giving a talk to a conference of a similar nature, however; at least thats what I told the committee of the Church of England at the time of my ordination, when I was asked to give a talk at a conference of the Rt Revd Philip North. I also told him I might give a similar talk at another conference in the future.

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