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I thought that these 20 celebrities were some bunch of misfits. Everyone said I looked lovely and pretty at the table. After finishing, you realize that you are feeling a bit better. Though it took all your willpower to not drink as much as you wanted to, you did at least get through the night. You wake up in your bed feeling refreshed, even if it was all a little late to celebrate. Still, you will be happy to get one of Lisas photos of her in the middle of the night to help you remember. M still not sure how to go about all this. In the meantime, you head out to get some stuff to wear today. While you were walking, you thought about Lisa and the fact that she might not be around tonight, so you still need to find out what will happen tonight. S something on TV that seems really important. You say and start getting in your car. M just trying to stay out of your way for tonight. As Lisa drives away, you take your backpack out of the trunk.

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