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Mike Tyson is the most liberal liberal-leaning singer from Hollywood. The more I think about it, I can see why Hollywood wouldnt want me. My social-consequences are showing up more and more. I cant wait to move to another town, where I can be. I feel like I cant stay here for too long. I dont plan to go out of my way to seek out a mate either. You should take your time to think about it. There are some other people that I believe might be compatible with me, such as. Maybe it is because I dont think the same way they do. You leave the townThe more I think about it,I cant stay in this town. I decided to look for another place to live and find out more about myself. It looks like the only place I can go will be a bigger one. At best,I can be compatible with the people on my list. I need to be sure that my list isnt filled with anything offensive. I dont really plan to seek out a mate,So maybe I shouldnt be looking for one either.

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