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Theres a lot of people hanging out around their hotel. If Hollywoods famous people, some of them will help, they,ll just say so and get someone else. You leave your phoneTime to put your phone away. If you have to use it right now, you might as well use it on a real person. You take out your keys and then take them out again. This time you put them under your pillow and leave for the bus stop. You walk along the shoreline, enjoying the scenery. It has been a long couple weeks since you arrived in Southern California and you enjoyed your time here, but the weekend is coming soon and you have to return to the rat race as quickly as possible. You know that in two days you will have to go back to work. You decide that this beach is the perfect place to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of your day to day life. The waves are nice and you just finished taking a shower and you have been looking forward to it for the past four hours. A large red-haired woman appears beside you on the shoreline and waves you off. You wave backHello beautiful, Im your new neighbor. I hope you dont mind that Im here, but I was wondering if you could maybe answer a few questions for me, you dont mind. You ask her about Hollywood, The redhead, Hey, Im not an actor or anything like that. When I was a kid, I think my mom saw an old movie I saw on television and she decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a movie actress. And since I got the opportunity, Im gonna take advantage of it. Do you usually sleep in your trailer. And has your mom ever brought you food. I dont usually sleep in my trailer, but sometimes I do when Im alone or with other people I trust. Mom might bring me food sometimes though, I dunno. Oh and my mom doesnt usually come around bringing me food and drinks either, so I know its not like that. Now my trailers parked right here. How about a tour of your trailer from my bedroom upstairs. After hearing these enticing words you decide to say yes to the redhead and she begins leading you up to her bedroom.

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