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These statistics represent the most followed individual songs. Cristiano, on at 4:11am PDTThe Portugal striker is a fan of Instagram, and has nearly 1. 8 million followers on the social media platform, which is more than the next most followed footballer on Instagram. Ronaldos total number of followers stands at more than 196 million, making him the fourth most followed footballer in the world. Ronaldo is also followed by some of the worlds top athletes, with Lionel Messi, 1. 3 million followers Serena Williams, 1. 1 million followers, and Roger Federer, 910,000 followersThe Real Madrid player is currently enjoying his most successful season in the Premier League. His side finished third in the championship last season, but is currently in a four-way fight for the title. Ronaldo was named the best player in Europe for the second year running, and is also the leading goal scorer in Europe with 16 goals. As the worlds largest bitcoin exchange, it was only a matter of time before Bitcoin Cash came into play. 4 billion, surpassing the value of Litecoin, which has the second-largest market cap, according to Coinmarketcap. Meanwhile, despite its newfound fame, bitcoin remains the most popular payment mode on the cryptocurrency network while its ecosystem continues to flourish. It was announced this week that the cryptocurrency is moving away from its previous model of transaction fees as a way to incentivize miners to verify transactions and increase the networks capacity. The changes also give bitcoins users more control over block size, which is currently capped at 1MB. Still, other cryptocurrencies have shown that they can keep pace with and eventually surpass bitcoin, even with the removal of block size limits. As TheStreets Eric Froehlig points out:Bitcoin Cash isnt going to change the bitcoin network or its value. But its still worth watching to see what else comes out of it.

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most followed celebrities on instagram