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Ariana is coming, as well as her Dana Montgomery groupie groupie groupie. James The characters are: Im going to go out on a limb here and say that The characters are: James What are the Characters. A character is a member of a film or a television show, A TV show is a programme about a group of people or a group Of characters having adventures together Film and television shows are similar, but they usually consist of one person telling the story to the audience, instead of the other way around, A film is a more long term, in this case, usually at least in the format of a movie, story told by a number of people They usually have a specific storyline that continues throughout the movie, and follow a consistent plot. On the other hand, a music video is a short film that is often a parody of film noir. They typically have a number of characters do various things and then one or more of the actors wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigarette gets killed in the end. Most of the characters in these are men, and most of the characters in these are white. The characters in this are: JamesThe trailer goes on a little longer.

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