Most celebs are straight-up shape-shifting alien reptilian beings on a…

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The authors explanation of how the reptilians came to earth, how they had created us, and why they hate us is just too interesting to not share. I was born into the world as a reptilian, to be precise, although many others are also reptilian. And one thing I can tell you is that Ive always been attracted to those with very distinct, very recognizable features. Thats why there are so many reptiles in my life. Because theyre the only ones who can do what I do. And thats because theyre the only ones I can get to follow me around. My body was created by these creatures to be in the body of a reptile. And Ive followed them wherever they go, because Im a reptile, and Ive followed them all over the planet, because Im a reptile. So were just one of the many different kinds of creatures living the same kind of life that we do on earth. And the same kind of way that I can learn a lot of what I know from studying people who look like me and study people who look like them. And its a bit like the way that theyve been teaching us about how to treat one another. Theres some of us who are born into the world as humans, and some of us are born into the world as reptilian. There are some who are born into the world as humans, but then you know the ones that are born into the world as a reptilian, and a human whos born into the world as a lizard theres a lot more similarities there than there are differences. But the difference is that weve been living with them on earth for a long, long time. Theyve just been busy making us, teaching us, taking care of us. Weve been living in this world for so long that weve just become one of those species. And just like us, we have a very distinct set of features that we can recognize, and they are some very distinct features of the human body that we can recognize, and we can have some sort of understanding of the human body. We are nothing more, in fact, than the most common type of creature on earth. And because I was born out of a human body, a human male body, I was born with.

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