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You sold your ass, Bobby jokes. He takes out his phone and opens up Facebook. He sees his sister, Kelly, with some guy named Jason. Jason is really hot and you have no idea how you missed his picture, but Kelly deleted it before you could get a screenshot. Hes a friend of a friend of my sisters, you say. I think you were riding it last night. Bobby, I have no idea what youre doing, but stop. Bobby, noticing the bike in the living room, takes out his phone. Here, Bobby says, is the bike Bobby found. Maybe youll find some valuables you lost or a tool to fix something. You walk over to the bike and check to see if you forgot anything. You do find a toothbrush, a toothpaste and some chapstick in the cup holder. You decide to go up and open it since you were distracted earlier. In the middle of typing, you grab the phone and drop it on the ground. The screen comes off and you see the letters: WALKBobby: Oh, shit. Its almost time for you to leave, but you have no idea where youre going to go. Um, Im not sure, to be honest, you admit. Well, at least Im not going out with some guy Bobbys been seeing, Bobby says. Its not fair for you to jump to conclusions like that. So, what, are you telling me youll be having sex with your sisters boyfriend. I guess that might be one way of putting it, you say. Hes been watching you intently, waiting for you to make a mistake. Look, its not that I dont trust you, I really do.

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most attractive female celebrities