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It would mean too much if you just had to wait until you became an old lady to see a certain man that could potentially be one of the greatest heroes in history. You dont think people really know about how great he could really be. Plus, you dont want to miss anything. Plus, you dont know what youll find if you do. Its not too big, and its got enough space to store all your comics, comic books, action figures, videos games and whatever else you might need. You could probably watch TV in here if you really wanted to. You open the door and walk down the stairs. Oh well at least they dont play those scary movies on loop when Im here. You think to yourself as you walk down them and eventually exit your room. You turn around, only to find a young man sitting on the floor. Hes about your age, though maybe not in the best of shape. Hes wearing baggy gym shorts and a T-shirt. He has one arm around an equally baggy girl who is sitting on his lap. The girl looks like she hasnt gotten out of bed in days. Shes short for a girl, but not as small as the boy in the bed seems to think. Her long raven black hair drapes down to her waist. Her eyes are a dirty yellow, but theyre bright with life. You can tell she hasnt slept in days, but shes too excited for you to say anything, so you just stand there looking back and forth.

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