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The Morph Thing has a talent for mixing up popular people and making them sound good in theirplace. No offense, but you sound like that guy who keeps coming into the bar you work at every Wednesday with his friend, because hes jealous youre still single after all these years. Maybe you should do something different with your time. You mean hang out with some girl. Well, if thats what you mean, I guess what Im trying to say is yes, you probably could do with a change of scenery. Just stay there, keep working, and hopefully that change of scene will help you get a girlfriend. How long do you think youve got. Like maybe two months if you start sticking to your routine and keep working really hard. You work, you get paid, you meet a girl, and you split whatever she makes. Theres no price tag on this girl, only your hard earned dollars. Theres a few things that are different about the MorphThing, though. First of all, nobodys rating of you is public knowledge, so if shes hot and you dont feel its worth the risk to sleep with her, you can turn her down, or you can give your approval at the same time. The second thing is theres no waiting period. If you like her, you can do it now. The third thing is that if you like her, you can do it without waiting. The person who answers the phone at the MorphThing is obviously a girl, but it doesnt matter. And how do you know youre going to like her and shes going to like you. And when we do, well see which of us will be the winner. You just woke up, and youre already acting like a complete wannabe hipster. Ive always known you for what you truly are.

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