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She said the one who could play like the great Roger Barton. S ever had a more perfect body. Serena has always been quite forward with you. The next day you are in the dressing room, still nursing your bruises where Serena attacked you. Doing a little pre-training for my shoot today. You look at the rack of clothing and notice a lot of it consists of lingerie and the like. One of the dresses is so skimpy you have to wonder if she got that from a sex-shop. S actually so revealing that you nearly have to shield your eyes from the sunlight entering the room. Not having much else to do, you decide to make yourself presentable for the shoot. T you taking your clothes off. You suddenly start feeling like a seductress as you make your way down the stairs and into the main room where the rest of the models await. You look around and see that most of the girls are just sitting at their equipment, but several are actively participating in the photo shoot. It does not take you long to recognize some of the models as former classmates of yours from that one time you had a dance recital, and others look like they probably know you well enough to recognize you when you walk into the room without making eye contact. Re wearing some of the clothing from your clothing-bank, you hear another voice in your head again.

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