Miranda Lambert Shares New Single If I Was A Cowboy

Miranda Lambert recently shared her new single “If I Was a Cowboy” and an accompanying music video.

“If I was a cowboy, I’d be wild and free / Rollin’ around these towns like tumbleweeds,” Lambert sings in the chorus. “I’d be a legend at lovin’ and leavin’ / Nippin’ on a whiskey and numbin’ all my feelings / You thought the West was wild, but you ain’t saddled up with me.”

“If I was a cowboy, I’d be the queen,” she proclaims.

The song was co-written by Lambert and Jesse Frasure.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lambert wrote, “We met doing the remix of ‘Tequila Does’ and he and I just got together one afternoon for a write and this is what came out of it. It’s funny, he’s a Detroit boy and I’m an East Texan, but somehow we wrote a song about the Wild West together.”

Lambert, the most nominated woman in CMA Awards history, is scheduled to perform at the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 12.

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