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San Pablo Hospital, Lima, Peru1879, Lima, Peru1916LIMA, 20th century. The famous actress, Margot, arrives with her family by a ship from Europe to escape the poverty of her native city, but she soon runs into an old friend named Clara, with whom her life is soon taken by a sadistic detective and a terrible crime. Margot, Clara, and the detective are all victims of LIMA: The Murder on the Mausoleum, a bizarre crime that may have been committed by a vampire. You investigate the Murder on the MausoleumYou set off on a bizarre quest of self-discovery where you start off on a long-distance journey and end up in a post-apocalyptic world. You find yourself in the early 21st century, in a post-apocalyptic world. Youre on an experimental spaceship on which you are part of a crew which is the last link to the past. But you find that the world is completely different to the one you knew. You meet a man who looks like the detective that you met on Earth. He calls himself Eli and hes been on the ship for a year. Hes got an almost childish fascination with the events in the future that happened to him, and he finds your story fascinating. You meet other people here, and you are soon drawn to an ancient city which has been unearthed somewhere in the wasteland. The name of the city is Mausoleum, and it is the ancient burial place of an Ancient Vampire. Maybe its just a human with a very special vampiric genetic condition. In the world of the ship you and Eli find several people with the same condition, all genetically different, and all born about the time your ship set out from Earth. They are all called The Third Order of Saints. The Third Order of Saints all had special vampiric genes passed down from the Ancient Vampire they all inherited it from. They all have a genetic condition called Sabbat which means Ancient Vampire in Latin. It literally means Bloodline Condition, because there have been people here to a very long time. Sabbat means that there is a bloodline that dates back thousands of years, before mankind and even before the Egyptians and the Sumerians. The world could very well be run by vampires, or at least by a very long line of them. The Third Order of Saints are an ancient spiritual order whose power was known.

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