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Im sure you realize that the MK-Ultra program was a top secret top secret top secret top secret program for the purposes of mind control. It was a top secret top secret top secret top project. There was someone who decided that they shouldnt try to implement a program of this type of scale, because they could create very disastrous results. There was someone in the US government who made another decision which was to continue with the program until they became the new order. They couldve made every attempt to terminate it as it was known to be a top secret top secret top secret top secret top project, but they did not. And I dont think that the government has ceased to be an entity even if there is no longer a State. The people have altered the system to suit their needs. I have also noticed that theyve decided to expand all their programs to all nations, to utilize the power of The Internet, and have utilized every device that came with the digital age, from the cellphones, to the tablets, to the computers, to the televisions. You will soon have no more walls, no more barriers. You will see all that youve ever dreamed of and lived for. Theyve made some mistakes and the truth is that what you see on the screen is merely the representation of whats in the minds of the people who are behind the computer screens. You cant tell me that people can be that far away from it. I will give you a new world where everyone is equal, but not like that. There is only one thing that youll have to give up, and thats your freedom. Im sure that you believe that you can save your family. Your life, your future, your happiness, and your family, but the truth is, you cant save them. Theyll be destroyed forever if something is not done. The only thing you can do is give up what you have and find a way to save them, and thats probably going to cost you more than you thought. You may not know it, but theyre counting on you. You have to do something, or things arent going to turn out good for them.

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