Military brats are the children and teenagers of active-duty military personnel, often identifying…

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The list includes some names you might not expect to find, like a couple of country songs, one by country legend Willie Nelson. Other familiar songs are featured, along with some songs that you might not have even known had they been on the chart. One of the songs is from a classic rock band, though you have to admit, if you were a soldier, you might have a hard time remembering who they are. Famous enough to be honored at military parades and awards ceremonies. You dont even know the names of most of them, nor do you know whether they are still serving. Most of them are in the US Army, but others are in the US Navy or National Guard. Perhaps the most notorious famous soldier on the list is John Wayne, who is still making movies. You dont even know if he served in the war, though he was reported killed in Vietnam in 1969. Who were the celebrities and how many of them served in the army. You are just a normal teenager who lives in a nice home and has your normal childhood. Then one daySomeone sneaks up on you and you fall down into a pit of boiling lavaWhat do you do.

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celebrities who served in the military wikipedia