Miley Cyrus Says Catching Covid Was Definitely Worth It

Miley Cyrus recently revealed via Twitter that she tested positive for Covid-19, but added she has no regrets about catching the virus, saying, “It was definitely worth it.”

“Traveling around the world, playin for 100,000 people a night & meeting hundreds of fans a day, the chances of getting Covid are pretty high,” tweeted Cyrus, who returned after a tour of South America, her first in seven years. “I have Covid now but it was definitely worth it.”

Cyrus canceled her scheduled appearance at a Grammys watch party hosted by Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.

“[It] sucks because it’s a charity that’s super important to me & my friend Steven Tyler,” Cyrus added. “I am feeling fine so don’t worry about me! Sorry Steven! We’ll have to ‘Walk This Way’ another time!”

(Photo: Alana O’Herlihy)

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