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And its always so tempting to send love via text to celebrities on their trophies during posters-pregnant advertising.

While Im not in front of a mirror thinking about how I could look more like Gisele. Sometimes Ive even thought about getting Botox, but I wouldnt have enough money for a shot. Maybe I am missing out on a piece of the Italian woman, but as Im sure you know, Im not exactly rich. I cant even afford a good looking girlfriend. Anywho, that doesnt keep me from staring at my own face and the ones on many of the other girls I see. Ive been keeping my eyebrows plucked, but I feel like its not doing me any good. I always find that one eyebrow looks way better than the rest. I wish I could have just one good looking friend. But since I dont, Im going to do something about it. Ive had it with the way my nose looks. I can live with the crooked teeth or the jutting teeth. Ive noticed my nose is drooping a bit. I really want to be the hottest, cutest girl in the world, but I know that doesnt exist. You try to look at facesIve been thinking about people all day. I guess Ive just fallen into the same pattern that many have after aging 15 years. I want to check out my own face in the mirror. Sometimes I stare for a long time at my own face. Other times while other girls are on TV, Im just scrolling through the Internet. They dont always come in my face. I have to keep moving my head to see whats in front of me. Its funny that I feel like this way when I look in the mirror. Ive been having these thoughts for a long time. My sister and I would try to stop me from looking at the mirror in the past. Ive tried to tell her that my nose isnt drooping that much, but she wont believe it. She says Ill just grow a chin like she does. She says girls dont have a chin, just a nice set of cheekbones.

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celebrities that are pregnant